About Us

“EBERHARDT, CARRASCOZA, BOSSI, SILVA, MATTEUSSI, COSTA BEBER ADVOGADOS” is characterized as a multidisciplinary performance law firm operating in the region of its headquarters, in Blumenau (SC), and also in strategic points of the country, such as Porto Alegre (RS), São Paulo (SP) and Brasília (DF).'

It was conceived with the primary intention of meeting and satisfying the legal needs of the most diverse companies and individuals, focusing on information and legal defense of their rights and also its use as a technique for managing projects and undertakings in different fields.

Pursuing highly satisfactory results in terms of cost and benefit, with a preference for the agile and preventive solution of the problems and conflicts faced, it is always available to answer queries, issue opinions, mediate negotiations, resolve disputes before the various public bodies, etc., as well as to propose the appropriate actions and resources, in the administrative and judicial spheres, in order to correspond to the confidence placed and achieve the expected satisfaction.



Law goes through constant change. If you do not follow this, you shall be less of a lawyer day by day.


Law is learnt through study, although it is through thinking that it is practiced.


Being a lawyer may not be an easy, it is rather a harsh job at the service of justice.


It is your duty to fight for the law; however, whenever you find law in conflict with justice, fight for justice.


Loyal to your customer, of whom you shall never let go unless if it appears that he is not worth to be supported by you. Loyal to your enemy, even he turns out not to be loyal to you. Loyal to the judge, who ignores facts and shall trust you on what you bring forward; and that; even, in regard to law, at times, it has to rely on what you bring up.


Tolerate all truths, as well as you wish your own to be tolerated by others.


Time takes revenge on whatever happens without its compliance.


Be faithful in regard to law, rely on it as being the best instrument for the humans ’ living; on justice, as a natural destination of law; on peace as a reasonable substitute for justice; and, above all, have faith in freedom, without which, there would be no law, no justice nor peace.


Being a lawyer is a fight for passions. If at every battle, you load your own soul with rage, a day shall come on which life will no longer be possible. At the end of every combat, forget at the same speed, the victory as well as the defeat.


Try to see your job as a lawyer in a way that, whenever your child comes to you for some advice about his own future, you feel honored to advise him to become one as well.

Eduardo Couture