Tax Law

> Tax Consulting

Statements of technical notes and legal opinions in the tax matter, regarding the federal,estate or municipal level, even in regard to its constitutionality and legality.

> Tax Planning

Previous studies and specific analysisof the legislation in force aiming at optimizing the tax expenses, seeking some economy and avoiding tax fines or penalties While making the most out of the legal benefits and incentives available.

> Tax Litigation

Acting in regard to undue or abusive tax impositions or those resulting from the application of illegal or unconstitutional norms, covering the defense, of any infraction autos, notices, fiscal executions and other collecting instruments in all pertinent jurisdictions.

> Others

Indirect tax recovery (refund / compensation), certifications of fiscal clearance, special regimes among others.

Tax Criminal Law

Filing of defenses, habeas corpus, appeals and other applicable measures against occasional complaints; follow-up in inquiries, testimonies, examinations and other acts related to the area.

Customs Law

Advising on special customs regimes, taxation and fiscal benefits in foreign trade. Tax planning on the operations of importing and exporting and representation in administrative or judicial process.

Business and Civil Law

> Business Law

Pre analysis of the legality, the aim and the effects of negotiations, clauses of contracts and their amendments, powers of attorney among others, including their alterations,  reviews, contract  breaches and terminations;  legal and non-legal agreements; enforcement of non-complied contracts; collection of negotiable instruments; varied defenses.

> Banking Law

Reviews of bank contracts and illegal amounts charged by banks, such as excessive interests or the use of inappropriate updating rates amid other irregularities.

> Real State Law

Assistance with real state negotiations based on the analysis of any existing risks which may prevent such negotiations from happening as well as other referred acts.

> Consumer Relations

Adjustment of the commercial practices of a company in accordance to the consumerist legislation in force, including the training of its collaborators, as well as a follow-up and defense against any legal processes claiming for refunds or any other related consumer complaints.

Corporate Law

Advising on corporate constitution, administration and restructuring (spin-offs, mergers and acquisitions – M&A) and disputes between members; execution of due diligence aiming at business restructuring and reorganization; elaboration of articles of incorporation and articles of organization as well as the many other corporate actions, and sales contract of ownership interest among others (confidentiality agreements, memoranda of understanding, etc.).

> Asset Management and Succession Planning

Business restructuring aiming at the protection and limitation of occasional property liability of the members’ property and the company’s property as well as ensuring its agile and safe succession, enabling the continuity of its activities with no interference of the property division into the business.

Family Law and Law of Succession

Clarification in regard to asset regimes applicable to marriage, as well as the legal effects and consequences of each one, manufacturing of pre-marital agreements as well as settlements for informal stable unions, elaboration of wills and follow-ups and defense in processes in such area.

Labor Law

> Labour Consulting

Consulting in the human resource field,  supervision of the  main routines applied and special cases (admissions in differentiated circumstances, warranties and work stability, termination follow-up and its ratifications, constitution and work security policies, verification of company's adherence to the rulings of the Labor Ministry- CIPA, collective labor summits, among others.).

> Labor Planning

Searching for legally accepted solutions concerning the reduction of expenses with labor (outsourcing, work cooperative, among others); implementation of programs with co-participation of collaborators in the company results; preventive action aiming at lightening or avoiding situations which may bring future contingencies in the labor field.

> Labor Litigation

Representation at the referring unions in any collective decisions, defenses and general administrative and legal resources, aiming at the most favorable result and the best solution for each individual case.


Full / Complete assistance in reorganization or bankruptcy proceedings, including: legal audit, diagnosis and assessment of liabilities and respective classifications; monitoring of creditor meetings and committees; requests for judicial and extrajudicial recovery and legal assistance in the preparation of the respective reorganization plans; bankruptcy and self-bankruptcy filings.

Acting in the Courts

The firm also works before the Appellate Court, Superior and Supreme through the preparation of memorials, oral arguments and monitoring of judgments, in the most diverse Courts, administrative or judicial.

Other Practice Areas

In addition to the specified areas which are the focus of the services rendered by “EBERHARDT, CARRASCOZA & ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS” the strategic partnerships and associations kept by our firm allow us to develop practices in other Law areas such as business Judicial and Extrajudicial Reorganizations, Intellectual Property Law (Trademarks and Patents), Environmental Law (licenses, consent decrees, etc.), among others, seeking to render the most complete assistance to all the customers’ necessities, achieving greatly their main objective which is the defense of their legal interest.